Board games for 2 people Whether you’re looking for a quick boredom-buster or an intense, competitive battle, board games are a great way to pass the time. We’ve put together a list of 5 of the best board games for 2 people and there’s something to suit everyone.


Intellectually stimulating strategy game

Quoridor board game for 2 people Like all board games by French game manufacturer Gigamic, Quoridor is an incredibly innovative yet simple strategy game. Similar to a game of chess in some ways, the aim is to move your pawn across the game board and be the first to reach the other end. Either move your piece or tactically place a wall to block your opponent’s efforts. Watch the video below to find out what it’s all about:
Age: 6+ Playing time: 30 minutes

Pass The Bomb Junior

Keep the kids entertained

Pass the Bomb Junior board game for 2 people Pass The Bomb Junior is the one of the best board games for 2 people aged 5 and over to stir up some friendly competition. This fast-paced kids’ version of the popular Pass the Bomb family game requires some quick thinking under pressure. Think of something that fits into the scene on the card and shout it out before the bomb explodes. Stakes are high as no one knows when the ticking time bomb is going to go off! Age: 5+ Playing time: 30 minutes


A timeless 10-minute pick-me-up

Mikado pick up sticks board game for 2 people Mikado, or as it is better known, Pick Up Sticks, is one of the simplest tabletop games in existence. Easy to learn in seconds and all you need is a steady hand and good nerves. Mikado can be played with as many people as you want, but it’s still great fun for just 2 players and is an exciting quick fix for a rainy day. Age: 7+ Playing time: 10 minutes


Compact card game, perfect for travelling

Ligretto Blue card game - board games for 2 people Ligretto is a highly addictive card game that will keep you entertained for hours. With fast and furious rounds that can be over in less than 5 minutes, Ligretto is a game that you’ll want to play again and again! The aim of the game is to get rid of all of your cards as quickly as possible by placing them on the communal pile in ascending order. There are no turns so everyone plays at the same time, so be careful of your fingers when putting cards down! Ligretto is available in red, green and blue boxes, each of which are compact enough to take with you anywhere. Age: 6+ Playing time: 30 minutes


Flick to kick – a classic refreshed for 2016

Subbuteo Champions League Edition board game for 2 people Subbuteo is the ultimate 2 player board game for sports fans. Invented over 75 years ago, Subbuteo brings fun and competitiveness of the world’s most iconic sport to your living room. The perfect game for dads to play with kids. Subbuteo has had a full refresh to bring it up to date for 2016, including much stronger and more flexible players, so no more gluing players back on to their base, multiple ethnicities and incredibly detailed kits, even down to different boots for each player! Age: 6+ Playing time: 30 minutes