Ligretto Card Games

Ligretto Card Games

Ligretto is a turbulent card game that no home should be without. It is fascinating, entertaining, and astoundingly simple! Simultaneously, all players must try to discard as many cards of the same colour as possible from 1 to 10. Players need to be fast, clever and skillful.

Each Ligretto game contains 160 playing cards, allowing up to 4 people to play, or combine 2 colours to add another 4 players, or even play with Ligretto Red, Green and Blue all at once for a 12-player game!

Ligretto is a game of quick-fire fun for players aged 8+. Why not introduce younger children to the game with Ligretto Junior, featuring slightly fewer cards to make it easier to play.

Let the cards fly!


Set Descending Direction

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  • Ligretto - Green

    Ligretto - Green

  • Ligretto - Red

    Ligretto - Red

  • Ligretto Junior

    Ligretto - Junior

  • Ligretto - Blue

    Ligretto - Blue


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