Monopoly meme Loved by some, dreaded by others... Whatever you think of board games, there’s no escaping them at a Christmas family gathering. This year, say goodbye to that uninspiring game of Scrabble or tedious Trivia Pursuit session and liven up your Christmas Day with something new. Here are our top 5 picks for a more exciting post-turkey games afternoon for the whole family.

Tension - Family Edition

Tension board game Despite the potential to be even more frustrating than a bout of Monopoly, this fast-paced game will have you in stitches for hours. With no complex instructions to learn you can get started in minutes - even the oldest and the youngest generations shouldn’t have a problem getting to grips with it. The rules are simple. Call out answers to a given subject, for example “10 Things You Shouldn’t Do”, and score if your answer matches one of the answers on the card. A fun festive favourite, Tension is a guaranteed success! Age: 8+ Players: 4+ (2 teams)

Really Nasty Horse Racing Game

Really Nasty Horse Racing Game Enjoy a Christmas Day at the races. A little more complex than the average board game, double-crossing and bluffing are key to victory in this chaotic contest. The game consists of six races, but crossing the line first is not always the way to win. Prize money is up for grabs for the winner, but the real money is made by betting on the result. Use whatever devious means you can to influence the result to your favour, with event cards such as “Riderless horse” creating even more havoc! Age: 12+ Players: 2 - 6


Christmas-opoly board game A seasonal twist on the family favourite! If countless games of traditional Monopoly have become a bit stale, mix it up with some Christmas cheer. Instead of properties, trade Christmas cookies, mistletoe, sleigh rides, fruit cakes or a lump of coal! Be careful not to get a Scrooge Fine! Particularly fun to play with children, Christmas-opoly brings families and friends together for a jolly good time, so advance to Ho Ho Ho now! Age: 8+ Players: 2 - 6

Humm Bug

Humm Bug An incredibly simple game, but don’t let the little box deceive you! There are hours of fun to be had simply by humming tunes. Best played in larger groups or parties, the range of songs caters for all generations. The rules are simple - pick a card and hum the song. It’s not as easy as it sounds... even the most recognisable songs can be harder to hum than you would imagine, often with hilarious results! Age: 14+ Players: 4+

Pointless - The Board Game

Pointless board game Bring the popular TV quiz show to your own front room! Now you can really put your knowledge of obscure trivia to the test against your friends and family. Including over 340 relatively challenging questions, this game is better suited to older children and adults. Recreate the suspense of the show and compete for the coveted Pointless trophy! Age: 10+ Players: 2 - 4