Sorgenfresser / Worry Eater Soft Toys

Sorgenfresser / Worry Eater Soft Toys

No need to fear! The Sorgenfressers are here! These award-winning “Worry Eater” soft toys are recommended by teachers and psychologists to help children overcome their fears and worries which they do not always tell their parents about.

All children have worries or fears. Some are big, some are small, but all of them are very real. Parents do their best to try and help their children, but they can’t if they don’t know what the problem is. This is where the Sorgenfressers can help.

Children can write or draw their problems on a piece of paper, secretly if they prefer, and feed it into the mouth of their favourite Sorgenfresser before they go to bed.

With the problem in the mouth of a worry eater, parents can then go and retrieve it later giving them the opportunity to discover the root of the problem. Even if a child doesn’t want mum and dad seeing the notes, the symbolism of having their worries taken away is still powerful.

The Sorgenfresser's motto is ‘We eat your worries’ and, sometimes with just a bit of help, this is exactly what they do!

The Sorgenfressers are a family of Worry Eaters, each one having its own character. Most characters come in two sizes.


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