Keel Pippins Soft Toys

Keel Pippins Soft Toys

Keel Toys Pippins soft toys are a collection of cute, cuddly companions ranging from small pets to wild animals, including elephants, bears, dogs and penguins.

These adorable fun-sized plush animals each have their own unique personality and character - if you look inside their signature label, you will find their name, birthday and a fun fact about them!

All Keel Pippins soft toys measure 14cm, are finished with high quality, super-soft materials and are extremely eye-catching. 

Don't let your Pippin get lonely! Keel Toys often introduce new Pippins soft toys to the range, so check back regularly to see if you can find a new friend.

Keel Toys Pippins fully conform to European safety standards EN71 and are hand washable.


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