Schmidt Jigsaw Puzzles

Schmidt Jigsaw Puzzles

Schmidt Spiele is a renowned German jigsaw puzzle manufacturer that has been producing exceptional quality puzzles and board games for over 100 years.

Our Schmidt range has plenty to choose from for both adults and children, with puzzles ranging from 26 to 2000 pieces. Kids will love Schmidt's Playmobil range, with each puzzle containing a free Playmobil figure, as well as the Sorgenfresser and John Deere tractor collections.

For adults, Schmidt puzzles come in a wide variety of colourful designs from some exceptional artists and photographers, typically featuring imagery from fantasy worlds, scenes of nature and wildlife or stunning panaromic landscapes.

Artists and photographers featured on Schmidt puzzles include Jacek Yerka, Mark Gray, Julie Fain, Ciro Marchetti and Colin Thompson, each of whom have their own stunning collection of jigsaws.

All Schmidt jigsaw puzzles are produced to a very high standard using the best materials available with close fitting pieces for a satisfying puzzle experience.


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