Gigamic Games

Gigamic Games

Gigamic offers a range of beautifully made wooden strategy games which require tactical decision-making and spatial thinking. And a bonus is that they make perfect gifts and they will look great on your coffee table!

The most popular game in our Gigamic range is Quoridor - like all Gigamic games, it is incredible innovative yet so simple! Similar in some ways to chess, you must move your pawn across the board while preventing your opponent moving theirs.


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  • Quarto


  • Katamino Classic

    Katamino Classic

  • Katamino Pocket

    Katamino Pocket

  • Quoridor Mini

    Quoridor Mini

  • Quoridor Box



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  • Katamino Deluxe

    Katamino Deluxe


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  • Quarto Mini

    Quarto Mini


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