Tombola Games

Tombola Games

Our tombola games make fundraising so easy! PDK tombola games stand out from the rest at any fundraising event! Our prizes are of outstanding quality and, if displayed well, will draw the crowds in with children desperate to win a prize. We provide you with high quality prizes, a set of tickets and a free winning numbers poster - everything you need to make a fantastic profit! We give you a suggested ticket price of 25p or 50p but you are free to set your own price; the more you charge, the more profit you make. Our full tombola games come with 1250 tickets, our half sets with 625 tickets.

It's easy to run a PDK Tombola Game - all you need is enthusiastic helpers to set up the stall displaying all the prizes, to draw in the crowds and sell the tickets. When the ticket is torn open, the ticket number is checked against the winning numbers poster and the lucky winners get the prize corresponding to their ticket. The more prizes you have on display, the more tickets you will sell.

If you're having trouble deciding which tombola game is best for your fundraising event, have a look at our comparison of our tombola games.

For tips on how to run a successful and profitable tombola, read our article on How to Run a Tombola Game.


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