Cloakroom Tickets & Tombola Tickets

Cloakroom Tickets & Tombola Tickets

Running a raffle is perhaps the simplest and most popular way of raising funds at school fayres and fetes, as well as many other fundraising events. Simply buy a book of cloakroom tickets and ask people to donate prizes and you have a tried and tested fundraising game. Cloakroom raffle tickets are available as books of 500 or 1000, so we have something that will work for your raffle, whether it's large or small. Cloakroom raffle tickets can be used for a raffle provided you only sell the tickets during the fundraising event. However, if you wish to sell the tickets before the event, you must register with the Local Authority and have your raffle tickets printed.

Our numbered tombola game tickets are ideal when you want to make your own tombola game, or if you have bought one of our ready-made tombola games and want to add more tickets to the game.

Our numbered tombola tickets, which we use in our tombola games, are extremely popular and simple to use. Tickets are sealed to hide the number inside, come in assorted colours and are available in packs of 625 or 1250.

We sell a wide range of toys and games which would make suitable raffle prizes. We think that our soft toys make particularly attractive prizes.


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